Energy Trading Platform Go-to-Market

In short

Acrus Power engaged with coLab to rebuild its go-to-market motion into a best-in-class sales machine capable of servicing aggressive growth targets while solving for a technically complex product, integration of legacy business lines and training of a new team.


Arcus Power


GTM Strategy:

  • Market segmentation
  • Messaging & positioning
  • Channel strategy
  • GTM planning

Lead Generation:

  • Outbound email marketing
  • Improved targeting
  • Copywriting
  • Funnel & customer journey creation
  • New markets + segments

Rev Ops & Sales Enablement:

  • Sales process definition
  • Partnership materials
  • Pipeline creation and management
  • Team structure and training
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When Arcus Power, a leading data, analytics, and insights platform for the energy industry approached with a request to help overhaul their GTM motion and turbo-charge sales, the alignment and opportunity was immediately obvious. 

After first identifying areas to improve, coLab and Arcus worked hand in hand to build a new sales-driven GTM with improved lead generation, revenue operations, email marketing, events strategy, and partnerships. 

The Challenge

Arcus needed to marshall a growing team around a deeply complex technical product while reworking revenue operations and sales pipeline strategy to penetrate new markets.

The engagement presented a tall order - rebuilding the company’s entire GTM motion into a best-in-class sales machine, with an emphasis on understanding and effectively communicating the technical complexity of the product.

Project Kickoff

Work began by conducting a comprehensive audit across Arcus’s existing sales organization and growth strategy. This analysis of internal operations was paired with coLab’s proprietary market research and competitor analysis methodology to inform a rigorous, data driven ICP segmentation.

Strategy & Implementation

The initial audit identified high impact areas across both optimization of existing systems and processes, and introduction of new SOPs. The engagement’s first sprint covered identification and launch of new channels and optimization of existing channels. 

coLab worked in parallel to assess Arcus’s sales process and began optimizing the company’s CRM across email marketing infrastructure, prospecting workflows, and email copy while also reviewing channel partner content for an enhanced and unified communication strategy. 

A key aspect of the engagement was documentation and systemization for future efforts by the Arcus team, for a scalable and resilient process post-engagement that can be easily applied in modular fashion across the entire Arcus business. To this end, coLab executed the program and documented as it went along to produce robust sales enablement in both written documentation and real training for new team members. 

Supporting activities included content creation, commercial outreach, market research, list building, revenue operations, marketing systems setup, reporting, and more. Following refinement, measurement, and reporting, all new SOPs were fully documented in playbooks for a smooth handoff.


  • Developed a modern, sophisticated, flexible approach to market segmentation through cross-functional workshops, with ideal customer profiles based on best current & targeted customers
  • Creating improved value props and key messaging for a combined Arcus product, tailored to each market segment and ICP, to support sales outreach efforts and marketing materials
  • Implemented new sales pipeline, processes and automations according to industry best practices, consolidating Nrgstream + Pwrstream into single pipeline for better workflow
  • Launched new lead generation process, focusing on cold outbound email campaigns with tailored messaging, best-practice sales drip campaign structure, and targeted lead list-building. Campaigns are already performing over 20x better than before.

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