Healthcare SaaS Go-to-Market

In short

Wellest came to coLAB with a simple challenge: How can we demonstrate sales traction in a notoriously difficult market before we start raising our Series A round…. in just two months?




GTM Strategy:

  • Market segmentation
  • Messaging & positioning
  • Channel strategy
  • GTM planning

Lead Generation:

  • Outbound email marketing
  • Lead list creation + enrichment
  • Copywriting

Rev Ops & Sales Enablement:

  • Sales process definition
  • Sales materials and enablement
  • Pipeline creation and management
  • Team structure and training

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When Wellest came to us for help with their GTM motion, we were excited by the challenge. Healthcare is one of coLAB’s largest practice areas, and a space where we love to work on novel technologies and experiment with new business models. An AI-powered platform focused on metabolic health was a perfect fit.

The Challenge

The team at Wellest had developed exciting technology to automatically deliver treatment plans to patients, while giving providers the ability to adjust plans dynamically in response to new patient data. Now it was time to bring the product to market and demonstrate traction, with one small problem – the team didn’t know who they were selling to, let alone how to reach them, or what to say to make them buy.

After identifying the gaps in the existing strategy, coLAB and Wellest worked hand-in-hand to quickly develop and launch a go-to-market motion, tackling lead generation, revenue operations, email marketing, and sales.

The Work

The coLAB team leveraged our ability to quickly identify, refine and execute on the right GTM strategy, including identifying the best verticals to target. Rapid market research identified the optimal beachhead market, which we were then able to target with a highly tailored email campaign. coLAB’s implementation team built out a CRM, marketing automations, sales materials, and more.


The Wellest team had one north star metric for this engagement: deliver one pilot engagement. Through our partnership, they were able to deliver six signed pilot agreements after just one month.

  • Identified target market of early adopters
  • Developed scalable, repeatable lead gen process
  • Implemented custom CRM and lead generation tools
  • Delivered 6 signed pilot agreements
  • SQL → Closed Won conversion of 25%+
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